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Aims & ObjectivesAims & Objectives

The aims of our school are:

* To create a school where there is an atmosphere of joy and care, where children can develop physically, intellectually,socially and emotionally.   

* To create an environment where a child can learn first to respect himself and then learn to interact with those around him and eventually with the general public.   

* To help the children cultivate an awareness in all their relationships and also in their work and leisure time pursuits so as to become 'in tune' with beauty, need, delight, and responsibility and other similar experiences.   

* To help the children to grow in confidence and independence and to use whatever abilities they have. This will give them a sense of direction in life.   

* To give the children as much attention as possible to help them to learn.  

* To nurture in the public a sense of responsibility towards the handicapped by encouraging them to provide financial assistance, employment opportunities, educational opportunities, etc.