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Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the school had to operate in a hybrid manner. When school is allowed to open only students who are able to adhere to the guidelines given by the Ministry of Education are able to attend physical classes. Those students who are not able to comply with the guidelines had to do “Pembelajaran dari Rumah”. Our students and parents including the teachers have been stressed by this COVID 19 pandemic, “Pembelajaran dari Rumah” was frequently carried out. Some families were able to cope with home-based teaching and learning but many families find it a challenge. Teachers are also struggling as there is hardly any face to face teaching. Homework is prepared for the students by the teachers but not every student can do paper work. Activities /tasks/exercises are planned by teachers but there are not easily carried out as families neither have the teaching aids nor the resources to carry out many of these activities. As a school catering for the education and training for these children with special needs, it is our ardent and sincere hope that this pandemic will be over soon and life can return to normal. We miss the children, the laughter, the fun times and all the activities we do with the children.


This is a brief summary of the school operational schedule.


1 July 2020 – Pre-school classes are allowed to start. However none of our pre-school students  attended as parents were not keen to let them attend school.


15 July 2020 – MOE gave permission for those in Primary 5 to Form 5 (ages 11-17 years old) to begin school. While those Primary 1 – 3 schoolers were to begin school on 22.07.2020.


However, due to a spike in COVID 19 cases, school was closed. Instead we started with “Pembelajaran dari Rumah” on 15.07.2020.


17 Aug 2020 – Physical classes in progress.

30 Oct 2020


31 Oct 2020 – School closed. Only “Pembelajaran dari Rumah” is allowed.

18 Dec 2020


19 Sec 2020 – School closed for year end break.

19 Jan 2021


20 Jan 2021 – School was supposed to begin but due to a high number of COVID 19 cases, school re-opening was re-schedulds to end of January.


31 Jan 2021– School still remained closed. “Pembelajaran dari Rumah” in progress.

07 Mar 2021


08 Mar 2021– School reopens for Pre-school and Primary level. Again only those who can comply with the MOE guidelines are allowed to attend physical classes while the rest will have to settle for “Pembelajaran dari Rumah”.


06 Apr 2021– School reopens for the secondary level.


20 Apr 2021 – School closed due to spike in COVID 19 cases.


28 May 2021   “Pembelajaran dari Rumah” resumed.


29 May 2021 – School semester break.

13 Jun 2021


14 Jun 2021 – Pembelajaran dari Rumah

16 Jul 2021


17 Jul 2021 – Mid semester break

25 Jul 2021


26 Jul 2021 – Pembelajaran dari Rumah

10 Sept 2021


11 Sept 2021 – Mid semester break

19 Sept 2021


Sarawak Association For the Welfare of Intellectually Disabled Children
Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal Sarawak
Perkata Sarawak
Perkata Special School
Lot 1652, Block 10, Ong Tiang Swee Road, 93200 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

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